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The Clan is based on friendship and fostering the enjoyment of the adventuring experience for its members. Treat every member of the Clan with honor. 

Clan members should attempt to know all the other members of the Clan.

Give more to the Clan then you ask in return.  This is meant both in spirit and in items.  If you are joining a Clan to further your personal goals or loot horde, then we are the wrong guild for you.  If you want a good friends and game play we are it.

Clan members will endeavor to help others whenever possible. (within reason of course)

Clan members will not make repetitive or unreasonable requests of other .

Clan members will endeavor to help other members whenever possible.

Definition of  "Reasonable" = you and the other are in the same zone/area and can assist with endangering your self or your party.


Proper conduct is defined as:

No foul language in /shouts, /ooc /auctions or /says.

No name calling with other players. (role playing allowed, don't go to far).

Don't blame your party for a death, a death is everyone's fault including yours.

Never Loot hog. 

No tantrums  - (everyone has a bad day if you are having one apologize and log off).

Don't abandon your group without warning (15 -30min) is the norm.
Find your own replacement if you can.

No Grudges. If you are in a group you and are not happy politely excuse yourself from the group.

Kill stealing; loot hogging, harassment and other types of questionable behavior are not tolerated.

As a Member of Clan Wicked Tribe you agree to follow these rules.  

**As a Officer of Clan Wicked Tribe you will understand and promote these rules.  If  you have any questions please contact an officer.**


The Clan will sponsor events. If you have ideas for events please post on the message board or send an email to an officer.

Camping for items is not a primary function of the Clan. To set up a Clan sponsored camping event send a request to a Clan officer. The request will be posted on the guild mailer or on the web site. Others who want to join should notify an officer. In this way the Clan can keep camping organized. 
To add an officer requires the unanimous vote of the leader and all officers.
Duels are permitted as long as they don't harm the reputation of the Clan.

Following these rules is a requirement of being an Officer. Any Officer who repeatedly invites members without getting this information will lose their Officer status.

**The rules and regulations of the Clan can be modified without notice or notification.**

Recent News

Welcome Wicked Dragon

Shadow Dreamz, Jan 11, 12 7:05 PM.
New crafting clan has joined the alliance. So anyone who has a dwarf that would like to put them in the crafting clan plz let me or mcdoof know and we will get an invite sent.

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